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my school life i go to school at 7 every morning. when i get to school, i have to do the cleaning with my classmates. and after that i have 4 lessons in the morning and 2 lessons in the afternoon. the school is over at about 4:30. my favourite teacher is my science teacher. because he never scolds us. and of course my favourite subject is also science. my maths is just a mess. i can't understand what the teacher is talking about. i don't know how to solve this problem. anyway, i enjoy my school life. My School Life Everyday we go to our beautiful school in spite of rain or shine. We’ll spend a whole day in school. In the morning, we come to school. Most of us get up earlier to avoid our names to be listed. But of course, there are few students who have no time concept and are always late. With the ring for break throughout the schoolyard, we all become as lively as monkeys! Some of us run or jump in the playground, some skip ropes, play badminton, kick shuttlecock, read some books and the others sit around and chat with each other cheerfully . Recently, we’ll have a sports meeting in our school. So some of the students are very excited about that and they practice a lot. Once the bell for class rings, we clean up our dresses, wipe off sweat, go back to the classroom and wait for the teacher。In class, we pay much attention to the teacher and take notes. If we have problems and cannot find the correct answers, we will rise up our hands and ask the teacher. When the teacher asks us some questions about the lesson, we will think about them carefully and try to answer the questions actively. Sometimes we don’t know the answers, we would listen to what the teacher explains carefully. Anyway we cannot waste a bit of time in class, otherwise we will not learn anything or pass the exam. At noon, some of us go home for lunch. And the others have lunch at school. The school lunch is not delicious enough. But the advantage is that we have many more choices and we can choose what we want by ourselves. There’re many kinds of food, such as beef noodles, hot dogs, fish, chicken, vegetables and so on. After lunch, my good friend and I often chat with each other and take a walk in the campus. After that, we have a noon break. At this time, we should keep quiet and study by ourselves or have a rest. Boys often feel tired and have a rest because they play basketball before. But we girls usually go over the lessons. When a school day finishes, we may go home. But some of us on duty must do some cleaning in the classroom, and others would like to play basketball and do some after-school activities before we go home and do our homework. In a word, although days in school are the same, but we not only learn book knowledge, but also exercise our other abilities. So I think our school life is rich and colorful. How I love my school life! Hello,everyone. It's a pleasure to be here. My topic today is school life. My school is my life. My life is my school. My life revolves around school. I've been in school for many years. I've been studying a long time. Let me tell you about my school life. First,school life is a challenge. It's continous competition. It's full of pressure and lots tests. The competition is intense. The pressure is heavy. The testing never ends. It used to drive me crazy. Now,I handle it OK. Now,I just focus on doing my best. Second,school is a great learning experience. I welcome this chance to discover. I understand that knowledge is power. Some days are unforgettable. Some classes are incredible. Some teachers inspire me so much. Before,I thought school was boring. Before,I complained it was torture. Now,I know it's a privilege to be valued. Third,my school is like a family. We're like a close-knit community. We're like members of a special club. We stick together like a team. We share and care about each other. We all learn and grow together. I cherish classmates and teachers. They understand and encourage me. Their friendship and support mean a lot. Fourth,school life is about participation. It's about trying new things. It's about joining clubs and getting involved. I like to interact with others. I learn to open my mind. I discover who I am and what I like. I create fond memories. I make friends for life. I realize that school life is really great. Right now,school dominates my life. It's my first big challenge. It's my best opportunity to improve. I treasure the happy days. I tolerate the tough days. I never take one dayfor granted. I thank y筏粻摧救诋嚼搓楔掸盲oufor listening. I hope your school life is great. Remember to be grateful for school. My school life Hi! I am a girl. I’m fourteen years old. I come from a small village of Guangxi. I am a student of Class 1, Grade 2. My School life is very interesting. Class begins at 7:45a.m. I have five classes in the morning. In the afternoon, I often have two or three classes. We learn Chinese, English, math, history, biology, geography, politics, physics and so on. I learn them with great interest. I like P.E. best. Because having sports is good for us and build us up. And we’ll have a sport meet this term, I want to take part in the long jump. I have lunch at school at about a quarter to twelve, because my home is a little far from the school. After school, I often play basketball with my classmates on the playground. Sometimes, I go to the school library. In my spare time, I often practice speaking English with my good friends on the lawn. Because Beijing will host the 2008 Olympic, English is very important. Speaking English will help me to make more foreign friends. My teachers and classmates are very friendly to me. I like my school life very much. What about your school life? Can you tell me?



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